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National EOS Awareness Week 2013

Every year, ausEE hosts a National EOS Awareness Week in order to help raise awareness for the condition. With your help, we can spread the word, help educate the community and help raise funds for a cure!

We need your help this National EOS Awareness Week, 11 - 17 August 2013.

Below you will find several resources to download and ideas to assist you in your efforts.

Don’t forget to email us at and tell us how you got involved - send us photos of you celebrating National EOS Awareness Week so we can include them on our facebook page and in our enewsletter.

Let's celebrate National EOS Awareness Week together and help make a difference!

National EOS Awareness Week Banner

National EOS Awareness Week Badge






Read our official media release announcing National EOS Awareness Week and Top 8 Challenge Day here




Top 8 Challenge Day - Tuesday 13 August 2013

During National EOS Awareness Week on Tuesday 13 August please take our Top 8 Challenge.

For one meal or for the whole day do not eat any of the top 8 common allergenic foods and don8 to make a real difference!

Why not challenge your friends and family to take the challenge also or organize a shared morning tea or lunch at work and ask your colleagues to bring in a plate of food to share without the Top 8 allergenic foods. That's a meal without  milk, eggs, wheat, fish, peanuts, tree nuts, soy and shellfish!

Print and display a copy of our Top 8 Challenge Day poster at your place of work and child's school!

This year ausEE is selling virtual badges for anyone taking the Top 8 Challenge during National EOS Awareness Week! These badges will be displayed on our website homepage from now until end of August 2013.  

They are $8 as we are asking everyone to Donate 8 to take the Top 8 Challenge! Purchase yours today from our Gift Shop!







More Ways to Celebrate National EOS Awareness Week!
  • Print and place our National EOS Awareness Week Poster around your child’s school, child care centre, doctor's surgery, pharmacy, local library, your workplace, community noticeboards – anywhere and everywhere you can think of!
  • Ask your local school or child care centre to have a Free Dress Day for ausEE during National EOS Awareness Week to help raise awareness and much needed funds for medical research.


  • Buy a copy of our newest book 'Being Henry' from our Gift Shop for only $10 for your child and take it to school to read to your child’s class. Handout the colour-in competition to the class and they can win their own copy of 'Being Henry'. How about make a morning of it and bring in enough allergy friendly food to share with the class (check out ausEE Recipes for ideas). See the joy on your child’s face when they see their classmates eating like them for a change!


  • Ask your work, school, friends and family to collect old mobile phones and send them into our Mobile Phone Recycling program fundraiser.







  • Email our easy to understand brochure on EGIDs to your family, friends, schools, workplace etc. Or email us to mail you some of our EGID Medical Brochures for you to take to your local doctor, hospital, registered nurse, specialist etc.


  • Share your story! Contact your local newspaper, television or radio station and share your EGID journey with them to help raise awareness! Let them know about the information on our website and they can also Contact Us with any media enquiries they may have about EGIDs and ausEE.

ausEE Colour-In Competition

Click here to view a pdf colour-in sheet. Just print it out and get your kids to have fun colouring it in! You can send in their coloured artwork for a chance to win one of 8 prize packs including a copy of ‘Being Henry’. Check out the gallery of entries here.

This is a fun activity for your child’s classmates to do during National EOS Awareness Week!


Mail your artwork to:

ausEE Inc.

PO Box 9303

Pacific Paradise Qld 4564

Entries to be received by mail post marked by 31 August 2013. Judging will be carried out independent to the ausEE Inc. Management Committee.


ausEE Design Competition

ausEE needs your help to create a design we can print on some merchandise to help raise awareness for eosinophilic disorders. This competition is open to all children aged 18 years and under.

Your design can be drawn in the space provided on the pdf design sheet or created by graphic design and emailed to us. Send us your original design by 31 August 2013. The winning designer will receive their design printed on a t-shirt! Check out the gallery of entries here.

Print out the pdf design sheet and photocopy it for your children's classmates as a fun activity to do during National EOS Awareness Week!

Mail your entry to:

ausEE Inc.

PO Box 9303

Pacific Paradise Qld 4564





or email your original graphic design/word art to


Entries to be received by email or post by 31 August 2013.


National EOS Awareness Week was launched in 2011 in Australia - find out about last years awareness week here -National EOS Awareness 2012

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