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Halloween Tips

Halloween has been gaining more and more momentum in Australia each year. If you live in a neighbourhood that does trick-or-treat and you are participating this year, here are some tips to help make Halloween fun and inclusive for everyone.

  • Raise awareness for food allergies and promote inclusion for all trick-or-treaters by offering non-food treats at your house and ask your neighbours to also. To be a safe house for those with allergies simply offer up non-food treats such as stickers, tattoos or other small items. Download the Non-Food Treats Here sign from My Food Allergy Friends or Halloween food-allergy friendly posters from Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia to display on your front door and mailbox.  
  • Pre-position safe candy at friends' houses.
  • Carry safe snacks with you while trick-or-treating.
  • Trade unsafe candy (or the entire bag) for allergen-safe treats, money or non-food items once your children return home. Other non-food ideas include colouring books, pencils, stickers, stuffed animals and small party favours.
  • Check all ingredients. Remember that treat-sized candy may have different ingredients or be manufactured on different machinery than their full-sized counterparts. It's always important to read the ingredient list on the product packaging carefully before consuming and to contact the manufacturer if you have any questions regarding allergen statements and suitability for your individual requirements.
  • Check ingredients of make-up and face paint for allergens and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions as full ingredient information is often limited on cosmetics and skincare products. More information on Cosmetics ingredients labelling
  • Be sure to carry your child's emergency medicines with you while trick-or-treating.
  • Ensure your child understands they can't eat anything (or even touch) without checking with you first.
  • Plan an alternative activity, such as going to the movies or a having a scavenger hunt for safe treats.
  • Gingerbread houses don't have to just be for Christmas. An allergy friendly idea and fun activity for Halloween is to decorate a gingerbread house like available through the ausEE Christmas fundraiser as a haunted house! All Gingerbread Folk kits are dairy free, egg free and nut free and there is a gluten free option available for the same price.
  • Bake your own safe treats for Halloween like creepy looking foods! You can do some amazing things with fruit - search the internet for countless inspiration! 
  • Some schools and pre-schools may plan Halloween parties or discos. If this is the case, ask your child's teacher if you can bring in safe treats for the class or ask if non-food treats be offered instead.
  • Look for allergy friendly candy and treat options in store (always read ingredients carefully) and at online stores, some options are: Candy Queens, Happy Tummies, Sweet William, The Rocky Road House, V Sweet Australia.
  • Check out our Australian Allergy Friendly Finds pages on Facebook and Instagram and Allergy Friendly Foods website page for more ideas!   

Most of all remember to stay safe and have fun!

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Sign available from: My Food Allergy Friends

Signs available from: Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia

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