ausEE Inc.

a charity dedicated to improving lives affected by an eosinophilic disease

Fundraise Online

Fundraise online through one of the options below and get sponsored to Run, Ride, Swim, Jump, Walk, Abstain... the choice is yours!

All donations made receive a tax-deductible donation receipt direct to your supporters.

Facebook - select 'ausEE Inc.' as the nonprofit to support


GiveNow - select 'Create CrowdRaiser'


MyCause - make a challenge, celebration or event... 


Take our Top 8 Challenge on 8/8!

Virtual Cards

Did you know that you can send virtual cards when donating to our cause? If you are looking to give a charitable donation in lieu of Christmas, birthday, wedding gifts or cards to your family and friends you can do so through our MyCause Page. There are many templates to choose from for all special occasions not just Christmas! All donations made through our virtual cards will go to our Medical Research Fund. Remember ausEE is 100% volunteer run and every dollar counts.

Sample template of Virtual Christmas Card

Page last modified: 8 June, 2021