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On Surgery Waiting List

Posted on March 7, 2011 at 10:45 PM

Last Thursday we had an appointment at RCH with the paediatric surgeon and we were told the waiting list is only about 1-2 months for the surgery so that is good news. It will be a bard button inserted (different to the peg and mic-key) and we were happy to hear that it is likely to only be a one night stay in hospital. If all goes well we would be able to go home the next day and then we would have to go back again after a week to commence feeds because with this type of insertion the feeds can’t be started until a week after surgery (after a gastrostomy peg insertion feeding can begin usually after 6 hours). On the hospital scales we discovered Bella had lost nearly a kilo in the last month since our last visit so that was just further validation that we have made the right decision. Since going back to school (grade 2) she has been struggling with energy levels and has even fallen asleep in class on a few occassions... the teacher has had to call me a few times also because she has just been too weak or dizzy to participate in the class. Bella is still ok with the idea of getting a feeding tube and understands the reasons why it is needed, although we’re on strict instructions from her not to talk about it!! Now we will just wait for the appointment and hope she doesn’t lose any more weight whilst we are waiting (she is 7½ years old and 17.1 kg currently).


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