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Milestone Reached!!!

Posted on October 11, 2011 at 12:00 AM

We have more excellent news to share – Bella has well and truly passed 20kg!!! In the school holidays we visited the dietitian again and she was 20.7kg. She has finally passed the weight of her 6 year old sister Olivia (2 year age difference but has weighed the same as Bella for as long as we can remember). We had a little 20kg party when we reached this milestone!!

As a family we’ve all learnt a lot since starting tube feeding and we thought we’d share a few with you (some of these come from Bella):

• Tube feeding is not as scary as we thought it would be

• It feels great to have energy all day long

• A new swim suit is a good encouragement before swimming for the first time with the button

• Buttons can make a lot of gunk and use a lot of cotton buds to clean

• Buttons make weird noises sometimes

• If a pump breaks down it is sure to happen in the middle of the night and before a weekend!! (I have to add though Nutricia home service were very helpful and a replacement pump was delivered the very next day)

And the last one is one of life’s new mysteries…

• How does stray hair manage to keep getting itself wrapped around the button?

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