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Posted on August 13, 2011 at 11:30 PM

We are so thrilled - Bella has put on 2kgs since we started tube feeding. She is now 19.6kg!!! She is moving towards the 10th percentile when she has been on the bottom or below the chart all her life. Everyone who knows her is saying how well she looks and in her words "I've never felt so alive before". It's the new boundless energy that has had the biggest impact. The feeding process is still going well, we’ve only had a few very minor hiccups that have been easily resolved (things like learning to sticky tape the tube connectors together to avoid them coming apart mid feed and causing a big leaky smelly mess – Bella was not impressed with the midnight showers!) We are averaging around 900ml a night normal strength Neocate Advance through the tube, she rarely drinks a cup orally anymore. We haven’t noticed a difference either way with appetite increase/decrease so Bella is still eating her small amounts of safe foods during the day.

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