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Surgey went smoothly

Posted on May 29, 2011 at 9:15 PM

Everything went well with Bella’s gastrostomy last Monday, better than we expected even. We arrived just before the 10am arrival time and were taken straight to the ward where we could wait by her bedside until her surgery was scheduled. We only had to wait until just after 12noon for her to be taken to theatre and we all walked down together and I went in the theatre room with Bella whilst they put her to sleep with the gas. They didn't bring her back up to the ward from theatre recovery until just after 2pm so we were starting to get anxious as I’d forgotten to ask how long she was likely to be in theatre (with her endoscopies we usually see her in about 20 minutes).

She was on so many painkillers that she just slept on and off for most of the rest of the day and when she awoke she was actually in quite good spirits. I think we all had a sense of relief that there was no turning back and that we can only go forward from here. It also made a difference that this time she did not having a really sore throat like she usually has after her endoscopies (tube was inserted surgically through the stomach, not via an endoscope).

The ward nurses were really nice and we had visits from the hospital dietitian also to discuss what foods would be safe for her to eat during her hospital stay. I had packed some food from home and her formula and cups (I don’t ever leave home without supplies) but their policy was to supply and make up the formula which was a bit of an inconvenience considering she only drinks it freshly made and not reheated but we managed. Bella was given round the clock pain relief whilst at the hospital too but we didn’t need to continue with the panadol after she came home the next day because she was feeling quite well and not too sore, just a bit uncomfortable and having to get used to the feeling of the very large bandage across her stomach. The surgeon has written on it in black marker DO NOT TOUCH! NO! NO! NO! as it can’t be removed for about 2-3 weeks - so sponge bathing only at the moment so it doesn’t get wet!

We’ve been home since late Tuesday (only had one night hospital stay) and now today is the first day we can start using the tube for feeds. The hospital dietitian arranged for the home enteral nutrition service nurse to come to our house today to show us how to use the pump and supplies so the learning curve begins. Bella has handled the last week like such a trooper and I am so very proud of her.

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