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Surgery - To Be Continued...

Posted on January 22, 2011 at 9:30 PM

Thursday didn't quite go as planned. Unfortunately when they were performing the endoscopy they discovered Bella's stomach was in a position too much under her ribcage and there was no safe place to insert the peg feeding device. They tell me this happens in about 1 in 30 cases. It's disappointing for us as we'd come so far mentally to prepare for this and Bella was ready for it too. It was hard to tell her it didn't happen when she woke up and she had a sore throat and all the surgery prep for nothing (she got given a powerwing soon after though so she’s happy). She'd enjoyed the break from the pressure to eat and drink since she’d made the decision but we’ll have to persevere with this a bit longer now as we can’t afford for her to loose anymore weight and especially with school starting tomorrow she’ll need the energy. The next step for us is we have an appointment with her gastro on 31 January and we'll discuss being referred to a surgeon as there is another way to insert the feeding device which is by a laparoscopic gastrostomy. We are very proud of Bella for being prepared to have the feeding tube in the first place and we are so blessed that she has such a good spirit dealing with what life throws her.

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