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Christmas Wish Appeal - $5 Donation


This Christmas please help us fund more research into eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders by supporting our Christmas Wish Appeal. For a $5 donation you can purchase a virtual Christmas Wish Bauble and put your child's name on it (or whoever you are supporting that has an EGID) and it will be displayed on our website homepage from now until mid-January 2018. Your $5 donation is tax deductible. Just let us know during checkout what name you would like to appear on your bauble and we have added the extra option to have your name also displayed on the bauble. Please allow up to 48 hours for your bauble to be emailed to you as a .png file so you can use it on your social media pages. Every week they will also be uploaded to our website homepage ( Thanks for your support!

What name/s would you like on the bauble? OPTION 1: (insert name) OR OPTION 2: (insert name for bauble) From or Love (insert from name)

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